The Artistic Touch 6

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The Artistic Touch 6  is a collection of many of today’s finest contemporary artworks.  The artists, in their own words, comment on their work and explain, in some cases, their inspiration and in other cases, their technique.*

The artists include:  Julie Gilbert Pollard, whose works included in The Artistic Touch 6  are:  Chuparosa at Lost Dutchman“, Pg. 64 (captioned with Julie’s comments), “Rhapsody”, Pg. 65, and “Below Bridal Veil Falls”, Pg. 72.

Each copy of The Artistic Touch 6 purchased will include Julie’s signature on each of the three pages depicting her work. A personal note will be added upon request.

Quoting Chris Unwin, Author, The Artistic Touch 6:  “There are so many excellent artists and we are here to feature them as well as introduce their work to the rest of the country, and to other countries, for that matter.  Our books have sold worldwide.”  Also, “Once again we are bringing to you a new array of interesting works of art from artists across the United States and even one artist from the United Kingdom.  Their personal expressions and viewpoints will entertain you and fill you with inspiration.  Watercolor has come of age and is not the meek art form of the past where only watery, pale landscapes were the subject matter.”*


*Image, text and offer for sale by permission of Creative Art Press, 6850 Brookshire Drive, West Bloomfield, MI  48322.


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